Are We Really? is the question I posed to Surrogate General Zippo Klein Sir!

Zippo was the General of the Campoon in 1976 when Ford and Carter
ran against each other for President of the United States.
The Campoon ran George Pappoon for President under the Surrealistic Party.


Are We Really? on the Prankster Bus

Zippo and I were conducting surrealistic experiments one evening
when he looked at me and commented...

"You're all a bunch of bozos on this bus!!!"

My reply to Zippo was...

"Are We Really?"

The lights flashed, lightning struck, clouds filled the room.
It was an omen, from that point in time...
Are We Really? became my monicker.
I sign all of my artwork with it, I answer the telephone with it... it's me.
Are We Really? became a highly conceptual work of art utilizing
many media to create large artworks. In the late seventies,
I formulated the concept of PUTACREWONIT . The KREWE consists
of artists, technicians, pranksters, engineers, carpenters and bozos
collectively known as the
Burning Man.
an art festival of unusual proportions
in the Nevada desert every Labor Day weekend.
The First Burning occurred on Baker Beach in San Francisco

Let Dr. Really? take you on an
Expedition to Burning Man with
The Mind Shaft Society.

To support my art habit for over thirty years,
I represented Waller Press, a family owned
commercial printing company in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Today, I represent RRD | GSL,
in the San Francisco Bay Area.
The production is digital workflow
for multi-color offset and digital printing,
with all of the capabilities
21st century high quality graphic arts
reproduction has to offer.

has been my partner and wife for several decades..
She blogs wonderfully created dinners and table settings
at ChezHelvetica.

 I am involved in some good works
through my participation as a
board member of the Rex Foundation,
the philanthropic charity
founded by the Grateful Dead,
and the Black Rock Arts Foundation,
created by the founders of Burning Man.
I am also El Presidenté for

I am a proud member of the
Skypilotclub where you
can follow the soaring riffs and raffs
from Cap'n Babbs ~ Prankster Extraordinnaire

Are We Really? and Ken Kesey

If you Really? want to go Further!!!
Check out IntrepidTrips
including the insurrections of my pals
Ken Kesey and Ken Babbs
and the Merry Pranksters
where you will discover
adventures such as
The Round Trip and
other seriously creative
20th century adventures.
  Phil Lesh turned sixty in the last decade which
inspired a few of us to create a celebration...
Decomposition a proclamation
by Wolfie and the High Countess.
You may have realized by now that
I am a deeply religious man.
Go just a little bit further and you will discover the
First Church of the Last Laugh.

More religious stuff...
The Church of Mt. Tam
Rheingoldian adventures,
extraterrestrial expeditions.

My sister Barbara photographed here
two former tackles for the Michigan Wolverines.
Last I heard, they were opening a boutique
on Ocean Avenue in Carmel, California

Another family member,
the fabulous Eden Anderson and her caddy.

The Jester
An artwork created for Grateful Dead that has
now been passed on to another generation.

 I'll see you in the future!
If not, I'll see you in the pasture.