The fabulous Eden Anderson!

2001 San Francisco amateur womens champion

What a day for a daydream... or at least a walk on a new mowed lawn!


Eden with her caddy minutes before teeing off in an attempt to defend her
2001 San Francisco womens amateur title on March 10, 2002.


It was a bright March day in the San Francisco neighborhood
providing clover the opportunity to bloom.
At least it was not snow on the ground!

Notice the attentive, upright caddy posture.
The day was young... it was still the first hole!



Approaching the green, the caddy is wondering
if he will make it through another seventeen holes
while Eden contemplates how she will make par.


This is not shooting from the hip... it's just plain hip.
It's not easy trying to hit someone standing
in the fairway three hundred and sixty-two yards away... when they're not looking.


Stay tuned for more Eden...
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you will be able to see the fine form of the fabulous Eden Anderson.

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The best defense may be a cultural offense:
The results are in from the first round of the 2002 City Championship -

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Eden's law school experience will undoubtedly help her
sue Mother Nature for the soggy fairways and sluggish greens.
On the other hand, she can always blame her caddy!


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