Skelvis was the Art Police creation for the
1995 Grateful Dead Mardi Gras Parade.
Skelvis is a 15 feet long somewhat realistic skeleton
in the likeness of Elvis. The coffin for Elvis was 16 feet long
and road on a float angled at about thirty degrees.

Elvis was laying down in the coffin until it arrived
alongside the sound board...
then he sat up and said,
"I'm alllll ssshhhooookkk uuuppppp"

The code name for this secret project was "Elvis"!

Skelvis sitting up in his coffin with
Art Police Pall Bearer, a Black Light Faced Are We Really?
The Grateful Dead appear on stage in the background on the left.
Photo courtesy of Susana Millman -

Left photo - Zim & Marty adjusting the forearm
Right photo - Are We Really? posing with Skelvis

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