Father Time

Father Time was created for the 1996 - 1997

San Francisco New Year's Eve (SFNYE) celebration

produced by Peter Barsotti and Bill Graham Presents.


Father Time is eight feet tall and weighing only 24 pounds

because he was designed to be floated away at the stroke of midnight.

He sat in an eight foot high gold chair on top of a 25 foot high tower at the

entrance to the performance tents featuring

Chris Isaak, Los Lobos, Lyle Lovett, Dr. John,

a blues room, commedians, and performers from

San Francisco's Finnochio's.

Father Time in the Really? Room with

accompanying Box on top of which he

was mounted. The Box had doors out of which

the New Year's Babies came to greet the New Year!


Father Time seeing daylight for the last time in 1996.

Father Time was reaching out to call someone

because the main sponsor of the evening was Pacific Bell.



Da Mayor - San Francisco's Mayor Willie Brown

counting down the final seconds of 1996.



Father Time in front of San Francisco's Ferry Building as

the New Year is ushered in.



Midnight!!! Happy New Year 1997


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